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Watch this video to discover how

  • How would your life be different if you could speak clearly and confidently? Starting right now!
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  • How great will you feel when the fear is gone almost instantly and effortlessly?
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Are you negatively impacted by nervousness, fear or anxiety? Does that stop you from taking the actions that will improve you life? Maybe these fears have cost you an advancement at work or success in business or limited you in your social life? Hello. I’m David Braxton the co-creator of High Performance U and High Performance U training.

I would like to show you how you can rapidly overcome the fear of public speaking and to RADICALLY IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS, your personal, and work life. Specifically, I’m going to give you the ability to achieve your goals that up until now just haven’t been able to achieve. I’ve developed a proven tool, that I’ve used, and the others have learned … to quickly overcome the fear of speaking and become more charismatic and effective as a speaker.

For just $99.00 you get the 5 audio program plus 2 great bonus audios


When you break down the barrier of fear you can open the doors to generating greater profits, getting that new position or just being a great speaker… even when you have lost hope. In fact I’ll show you how I’ve personally generated hundreds of new clients for my business using this simple but powerful set of tools from my Speak Up Without Fear System, and how it could make you happier, more productive and more successful right now, without stress, excess work, and without risk to you.

I probably started out much like you. I had a bad experience, then stayed away from speaking. Maybe you can relate … I was invited to do a reading at a friend’s funeral service… As I stood facing friends, family and strangers The FEAR hit me… All I really had to do was read one paragraph… One that I had practiced.


“After I was laid off I had a lot of phone interviews. Because I am very shy I couldn’t help my voice shaking because I was always nervous. I listened to Your Audio Program for one week and a few days later had another phone interview. For the first time I felt calm and I wasn’t nervous. I know that my confidence came from listening to the audios.

My shyness about speaking is gone and I am now finally comfortable talking with people. I know that my new confidence was one of the reasons I got hired. Thank you.”

LK, Phila, PA

I gripped the lectern… I felt my face become red… I jingled the change in my pocket… And I began to sweat. With a shaky voice I read my verse. When I finished and sat down I didn’t even know what I had said.

I knew I didn’t want to experience that again. So, I avoided speaking. All I could think of was that embarrassment. The way I felt caused me to have to work harder and stress more instead of spending enjoyable time with my friends and family.

Then, I began to notice that by avoiding speaking and sharing my ideas I was actually hurting myself. I was missing opportunities and profits in my business. So I decided and committed to improve.

It took years of practice; I joined clubs, worked with coaches and still struggled…

I still had this fear!  UNTIL… I discovered secrets, that I learned from a master communicator.

I started to see results right away in the way I interacted with friends, coworkers and customers. These results immediately gave me a boost of confidence and and I got better and better results every time I needed my public speaking skills.

The change was so dramatic people noticed. One of my friends was also having trouble so I taught him my secrets. Soon he too started to have the same great results.

I wanted you to know how much I have benefited from your program “Speak Up Without Fear.” I started your audio program the end of February and listened to it regularly throughout the spring and then before each time I was scheduled to speak during the summer.

Not only have the audios relieved my fear of the speaking – but the emails that come with tips have also been very helpful. “Your audience wants you to succeed” is my favorite. I love, love the voice on the audios (have been assuming it might be you – but whomever it belongs to – it is so very soothing and loving that I feel good the minute I start listening. Sometimes if I am particularly rushed and a bit stressed I stop and listen to any one audio and it both calms and rejuvenates.

So I thank you and your partner for developing and offering this program. I think it is terrific!

Dianna Harris, Spokane, Washington

Since I saw that I could teach not only myself but also teach my friend the secrets to radically improve public speaking skills, I decided to take action, and we created Speak Up Without Fear to help people get the results and to reach the goals in their lives where fear had been holding them back. And it WORKED!

People have already been helped by these secrets to overcome the fear of speaking.
I know you are probably a little skeptical about these secrets so I want you to hear from these clients that found great results and can Speak Up Without Fear now, so you’ll experience the results before you order.

Here’s a list of some of the ways Speak up Without Fear can be used and the benefits that it creates.
• Discover how effective public speaking can make you even more successful in your business and personal life.

• 5 Audio MP3’s that will eliminate any stress or fear that you have and give you the power, the confidence, and the motivation to get that new job position, to give a great toast at an event, or to just be more confident in yourself

• 2 Bonus MP3’s just to give you that extra boost and to make sure you are ready for anything!

• You’re going to learn how to get these transformational skills working for you right away without even trying and to make them effective every time you need to speak up.

• Having these tools allow you to speak up in a way that you’re making more, even in a bad economy – everything you need to build your business success right now.

“I just want to let you know what happened to me. I hadn’t even finished the program and I noticed that things were changing for me.

Last week I met a bunch of new people at a wedding. In the past I always felt uncomfortable, awkward and anxious in social situations when I didn’t know anyone.

What happened was that I felt comfortable with strangers for the first time in my life. It was easy for me to talk to new people and I was surprised that I even initiated conversations. For the first time it felt natural for me to talk to strangers and find common ground.

This was a side benefit that I didn’t expect. You have a great program. I wish I had listened to this 20 years ago.

Chad, Wayne, PA

The secrets of easy, effective, and stress free public speaking are really priceless and we want help you learn them and to master them.

So we decided to make the price ONLY $99


Imagine what your life will be like, what you can accomplish, and how it will feel when the fear and anxiety are gone and more people say yes to you more often, compliment what you say and act on your advice.

You’ll feel so confident and powerful that you will be able to speak easily and stress free for the rest of your life!

That sounds great! I want you to do this now “Think about how many times you’ve had a great idea only to get sidetracked?”  But if you wait, the next time you think about this, will be the next time fear and anxiety enter into your life.

If you’re not totally confident in getting this program, If you don’t find the great results that you were looking for we will give you your money back.

If you think its too much money or not the right time or you just think it won’t work try it out today and I guarantee you will surprise yourself.

Here’s what I want you to do…order this today. Its time that you become a more confident fear and anxiety free public speaker.

Speak Up Without Fear gives you the techniques to change yourself TODAY.

We feel privileged to be part of your success,

Dave and Wendy
High Performance U
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